Whose stress-free life these days! Search hard and you will not find a single person who does not have any tension in his life. Even children are not excluded from this list. What about so much pressure? With depression, many body functions begin to fluctuate. As a result of which various diseases arise. Stress is the root cause of most diseases today. In addition to the West, tension or anxiety among the people of this country and the region has increased dramatically in the last few years. 10-15 percent of adults suffer from stress. ‘Burden of Mental Disorders Across the State of India’ – The study was published in the Lancet Psychiatry journal. It is said that one in seven people in this country is suffering from a mental disorder.
Recently, this rate has almost doubled. It can be clearly felt only by observing the physical and mental condition of the patients regularly. The situation will get worse. But we ourselves are largely responsible for this. So kick off the tension at the start of the new year. Then the time span of staying well will be longer.

Everyone will experience stress and anxiety at some point in their lives. Just as it is not possible to move forward without it today, it is also difficult to stay healthy if you have tension. Chronic anxiety, or worry, is more severe. Along with the mind i.e. along with the characteristic changes it affects the body as well. Which leads to various functions of the nervous system, cardiovascular system, immune system, respiratory system, digestive system etc. Fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome. Stomach ulcers, gas problems increase, nausea manifests, irritable bowel syndrome. Libido is lost due to tension in young people, sexual desire is reduced.
There is no good mood, depression spreads, people become irritable, find difficulty in concentration, forget, can’t work mindfully in school-office, moodiness continues all the time. Along with that, many people have panic attacks, feeling depressed and depressed all the time. Panic causes loss of concentration, chest pain, chest tightness, shortness of breath, sudden shock, sweating problems, headache. Besides, many people can become anti-social due to this reason. Can’t mix with anyone, can’t adapt to any situation. Many become obsessed again.

If you are under anxiety or stress for a long period of time, there are various hormonal changes. Stress hormones increase in the body. Cortisol, adrenaline hormones increase in the body due to constant stress. From which weight gain, sugar, blood pressure also increases. Constant stomach problems also occur due to this.
Chronic stress has an effect on the immune system and therefore increases susceptibility to infections.

  • Today we face a lot of competition. Which all the time transmits pressure in our mind. Sai always needs to work in groups. Working alone increases the stress. So you should always work in school, office in harmony with everyone.
  • It is not right to expect too much of anything. One should focus only on one’s work. Talking too much about others, listening is very disturbing mentally.
  • Regular meditation is very important.
  • Limited needs, limited intake is very important to stay mentally well.
  • Regular exercise is very important. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes or other addictions.