Different Facts About How To Gain Weight.

how to gain weight

Many nutritionists always talk about weight loss, and only a few nutritionists talk about weight gain. Some people think that increasing weight is a tough task, ‘but’ in fact, it’s a myth. In reality, weight gain is a little bit an effortless task, rather than losing weight. This article explains the amazing secrets of How To Gain Weight that has never been revealed.

Some teenagers feel anxiety about gaining weight. So they all go for supplements for gaining weight faster ‘but,’ they can’t follow a natural diet plan for building muscle. Sometimes a few adults go for injections to increase weight quickly, which is not so good for your health. However, these injections help you to gain weight fast, ‘but,’ after 7-8 months, you lose weight ‘and’ face different types of problems. So you must have to be aware of the pros and cons of the usage of injection.

Studies revealed that underweight people have an early risk of death. Skinny People are at risk of infections, fertility problems, and early death. Studies also found that there is a 120% to 130% risk of premature death in men and a 100% risk of premature death in a woman. Being underweight can lead to brittle( weak ) of bones, a weakened immune system, and anemia. On the other hand, if anyone of you is skinny, then you need to eat 7-8 bananas in a day.


5 AM

At 5 AM, you have to drink 750 ml of warm water and add lemon. It makes your blood circulation suitable and removes toxins from your body. You don’t need to add sugar in warm water, ‘because’ of a large amount of sugar intake has a nasty impact on your health. Besides, sugar includes fat, ‘but’ you have to eat a little amount of sugar in a day. A large amount of sugar intake causes diabetes.

6 AM

At 6 AM, to go to the gym for a workout, do running, walking, and jogging whatever you like. But, you have to remember to do exercise in the early morning ‘because’ it has a good impact on your health.


In breakfast, you can add 1.5 scoops of whey protein, 100gm paneer with three chapatis, and 200 gm curd. For breakfast, you can also add flattened rice ( poha ), upma, cheese sandwich, stuff cheese ‘and,’ four idli sambhar.

Meal Before Lunch

After two hours of breakfast, you can eat fruits and vegetables, which gives you fibre and nutrients. You can also take a meal before lunch. In meal, you have to add three brown pieces of bread, 50 gm of peanut butter, and one banana. You don’t need to drink water before meals ‘because’ it makes it harder to get in enough calories.


At lunch, you can add four chapatis, 100 gm rice, 200 gm curd, or one bowl of dal and vegetables. At lunch, you can also add 100 gm of paneer, 25 gm of chunks (Nutri), and five gms of desi ghee/ olive oil/ butter.

If you are a non-vegetarian, then you can also add non-veg in your lunch. Add 100 grams of chicken curry, 150 grams of fish curry, and egg curry.

Evening Pre-workout

In the evening, Take tea with healthy diets like snacks, which may include one bowl roasted makhana, popcorn, nut butter, sandwich, and dhokla. In the evening pre-workout, you can add one or two bananas and 1.5 scoops of whey protein. Must remember that you don’t need to drink water before going to the gym.

Evening post-workout

After the workout, Eat five or six whole eggs. Avoid the yellow part of an egg as much as you can. Only eat the white part of an egg, ‘because’ it may contain a lot of protein.


At dinner, Add two or three chapatis/ 50 gm white rice/ 100 gm curd/ one bowl dal or vegetables/ 10 gms of desi ghee, olive oil, and butter/ spinach/ lettuce/ broccoli and fish oil cap.

If you are not vegetarian, then you can also add a little amount of chicken, fish, or meat in your dinner. You must have to remember that you don’t need to drink milk after eating fish.

After Dinner

After dinner, sometimes, if you still feel hungry, ‘and’ then you need to drink one glass of warm milk, which includes honey and date palm(Khajur).

Nutrition tips for gaining weight 

Drink Milk

Cow’s milk is a better source of proteins, nutrients, calcium, and vitamins. Drink milk as much as you can. Milk is a good source of making healthy fat because it includes vitamin D. Cow’s milk also helps to reduce blood pressure. If you want to increase weight, then you need to drink high-fat milk. One cup of whole milk with 3.25 percent fat contains 146 calories, 8 grams of protein, and fat.

Quality Sleep

Quality sleep may also have a good impact on gaining weight, and it helps in the growth of muscle. If you are an adult of age between (18-64 years), then you need to sleep for 7 to 9 hours. Lack of sleep may impact on the cardiovascular system and immune system. You must have to know at what age how many hours you have to sleep in a day.

Drink warm water

Drink warm water in the early morning. It removes toxins from your body and makes your blood circulation suitable. You don’t need to drink water before eating any meal. If you drink water before meals, then it may be harder for you to get enough calories. If you are in the weight increasing process, then you only need to drink warm water twice a day.

Eat Plenty of Protein

If anyone of you wants to increase weight, then you must have to know different protein sources. The recommended daily intake of protein for men is 56 grams, and for women is 46 grams. First, you have to focus on eating proteins and later on vegetables. A high diet protein lowers your blood pressure, fights with diabetes, and may reduce your hunger. For instance, high protein-dense foods are meats, fish, eggs, nuts, dairy products, and many more.

Avoid a large amount of sugar intake

Consumption of a low amount of sugar is good for increasing weight. But, you must remember that the use of a large quantity of sugar causes diabetes. You don’t need to add a large amount of sugar in your protein shakes if you want to add sugar in your protein, then 1-2 scoop is enough. You don’t need to add 5-6 scoops in protein for body weight.

Avoid junk food

Junk food includes a massive quantity of fat. But this junk food is not so good for your health. Few people believe that the consumption of fast food helps to increase weight. Yes, that’s right, but this food may cause various types of diseases like cancer, diabetes, laziness, kidney problem, heart disease, and sometimes it may weaken your bones. You must have to be aware of the pros and cons of junk food.

Eat more calories

If anyone of you wants to increase weight, then you may also consider some extra calories for muscle growth. Moreover, when your calorie intake surpluses, then you can gain fat quickly. You must have to intake 400 – 600 calories per day for slow weight gain and 800 – 1000 calories to increase weight quickly. You may also know your calorie by using a calorie calculator.

Gainer Shakes

You can also take gainer shakes along with your natural diet plan. A high protein shakes will not make your muscles unless you get enough daily calories. Powder shakes will help you to gain muscle. Whey and muscle blaze protein are the best healthy ways to increase weight.

Some protein foods to gain weight 

1. Eggs:- Eggs are the healthiest and most protein food on the earth. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals, or a high amount of protein. Eat a white part of the egg, and you don’t need to eat a yellow portion of the egg, because it may not be so good for your health.

2. Nuts and seeds:- Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashews, pistachios, brazil nuts, and walnut includes plenty of protein. Almonds are a popular type of tree nut. It makes your body healthy and refreshes your brain.

3. Non-veg:- Chicken, meat (beef), fish, lamb, chicken breast, etc. Almost chicken is the best source of getting protein, calcium, and vitamins. It makes your body energetic. You don’t need to eat injected meat, ‘because’ injected meat causes various diseases, like cancer, kidney problems, and heart disease. Always prefer to choosing nutrient-rich foods instead of choosing D quality foods.

4. Grains:- Wheat, brown rice, oats, corn, etc. Rice helps you to increase weight efficiently, quickly and safely.

5. Dairy products:- Whole milk, full-fat yogurt, cheese, coconut milk, cream, and many more are high protein diets. These products contain a large number of proteins, calcium, and vitamins.

6. Dried fruits:- Raisins, dates, prunes, apricots, peaches, pears, cherries, and blueberries, etc. are high-calorie foods. 

7. Oils:- Coconut oil, virgin olive oil, and avocado oil.

8. Broccoli:- Broccoli is another type of food for gaining protein and calcium. It helps you to protect from cancer and includes potassium, vitamin K, or vitamin C.

9. Another food:- Sweet potatoes, dark chocolate, peanut, ‘and,’ many more. Potatoes is a part of very cheap food, and it contains a large part of fat.

Why some people can’t gain weight but eat more meals

We all have one friend who eats a lot but can’t increase weight. But ‘so,’ few friends who eat less ‘but,’ gain more. Underweight people were always trying to focus on healthy eating food ‘but,’ they can’t gain healthy weight. In other words, if anyone of you is underweight from birth, then you don’t need to worry more about this, ‘because’ it’s due to heredity or genetics. ‘But,’ subsequently, if you face underweight, then you need to take medical advice from doctors ‘because’ it might be a severe condition. There are several conditions and things which don’t make you gain weight like:-

  1. Diabetes
  2. Cancer
  3. Smoking
  4. Alcohol
  5. IBS ( Irritable bowel syndrome )
  6. Infections

How to make protein shakes for Healthy weight gain

Quality protein shakes are best for excess weight. When you buy powder shakes from stores, you must have to ensure that this product includes minimal ingredients, ‘because,’ the quality of the powder depends on the type of components or parts. Some shakes are too expensive if anyone of you can’t afford to buy these, then you have to make it at your lovely home. Here are a few recipes for homemade powders for weight management.

Best homemade protein

  • one banana
  • Two eggs
  • one peanut butter
  • Half litre fat milk
  • 100-gram oats
  • 30-gram almonds
  • 20-gram raises

Add all these components into a blender, and do grind.

Turmeric, ginger, and a mango protein shake

  • one a cup of soy yogurt
  • one tablespoon of protein powder
  • ½ cup oats
  • one tablespoon of ginger, and turmeric
  • 1/3 cup of frozen mango
  • one tablespoon of coconut shredded and vanilla extract

Add all the ingredients into a blender and mix it.

Strawberry, banana, and a peanut protein shake

  • one a cup of greek yogurt plain
  • one tablespoon of protein powder
  • ¼ cup of strawberries
  • one banana
  • Two tablespoons of peanut butter powder

When to drink protein shakes

Many people believe that drinking protein shakes before or after a workout has a good impact on their muscle size and strength and the study says that it’s good that you drink shakes during exercise ‘but,’ it doesn’t seem too essential to drink shakes during that time.

Therefore, you can choose in which time you prefer to drink shakes. You must remember that you intake protein daily. If you drink shakes in the morning, then it is appropriate for weight gaining. However, a protein shake is a very suitable way to increase your protein intake, especially when you cannot get enough through food.

Most commonly used protein supplements.

There are ‘so,’ many ways for weight gain, ‘but’ powders help you to build muscle mass. Above all, it keeps a healthy lifestyle and living. Before choosing any protein supplements, you must have to become a diet choosing guy according to your body.  If you are a too skinny guy, then these weight gainers, which are mentioned below, might help you to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Body Fortress

(A) Super advanced whey protein, vanilla, and chocolate ( 1 scoop includes 210 calories ).

(B) Whey protein powder, chocolate peanut butter ( 1 scoop consist of 200 calories.

Optimum Nutrition

(A) Gold standard whey, double rich chocolate ( one scoop contains 120 calories ).

(B) Whey protein powder ( one scoop includes 110 calories ).

(C) Performance whey isolate ( one scoop consist of 140 calories ).

(D) Protein powder drink mix, cookies, and cream ( 1 scoop = 130 calories ).

Muscle Pharm

(A) Combat protein powder, cookies, and cream ( 1 scoop = 140 calories )

(B ) Fitmiss Delight, women’s complete protein powder shake ( 1 scoop = 90 calories ).


(A) Orgain protein powder, creamy chocolate fudge(Two scoops consist of 150 calories

(B) Organic plant-based protein powder ( Two scoops = 150 calories ).

EAS ( Energy Athletics Strength )

(A) Whey protein powder vanilla and chocolate ( 2 Scoop contains 150 calories ).

(B) Soy protein powder chocolate and vanilla ( 1 Scoop contains 170 calories ).

(C) Lean 15 protein powder ( 2 Scoops contains 100 calories ).


Gaining weight is an easy task for some people, but difficult for a few. However, it all depends on what you eat. Different foods to eat and fruits are much matter for maintaining muscles and body. Do you know when you are in muscle making process, then you must have to change your thinking for muscle building.

Therefore, your life depends on whatever you think. For example, if you believe increasing weight is a difficult task, then it might be difficult, but on the other hand, if you think gaining weight is an easy task, then it is too easy for you. Besides, Your actions, happiness, reactions, and success all depends on whatever you think.

At last, you need to be consistent if you want to achieve success. Take care of your health as much as you can.



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