Research says eating chicken causes cancer.

chicken causes cancer

Research from oxford university in London says that eating chicken causes cancer, but doctors say that it doesn’t mean you should worry too much. Because all of us know eating a little amount of craven is good for health. It includes some protein sources which make your body healthy.

You know someone says that everything has its limit. If you cross this limit, then it has its pros and cons. You must have to remember that example while consuming a chicken. Because eating a large amount of the worst quality of chicken causes cancer. It may increase the chances of facing disease when you eat craven in a day, month, or weak.

Studies reviewed that high amounts of red and processed meat or any other animal meat intake causing various kinds of diseases, such as Lung cancer, Pancreatic, risk of Breast cancer, Stomach cancer, prostate cancer risk, and many more.

You knew in 1925 it took 125 days to grow and mature a chicken. But nowadays it took 47 days to a full adult chicken because all these chickens are injected. You must have to aware of the quality of the chicken before you buy it. Buy chicken only from respected shops.

Respected shops are those shops which have amazing goodwill in the market. You must have to aware that these shops have experience of 10 to 15 years of selling a chicken in a market. Not buy a chicken from every chicken shop, because most of these chickens are injected.


Red meat consumption increases the chances of breast cancer in a woman. You know the high-temperature of cooking a chicken linked to cancer. Red meat causes pancreatic, colorectal, and prostate cancer. The risk of prostate cancer generally found in men. Red meat such as beef, lamb, and pork.


Consumption of processed meat strongly linked to a higher risk of stomach cancer and bowel cancer. This meat is a type of red meat. There is a little difference between these two. Process meat is the type of red meat that has been preserved, such as salting, smoking, and drying.

People who eat more quantity of craven without skin each week had 52% chances of increased bladder cancer risk and colon cancer. You know many diet followers will also admit the dangers of eating intensive and factory-farmed meat. Researchers found antibiotics in chicken, which were banned. They also find arsenic in a chicken, and arsenic is a poison. It makes the chicken meat look pink. Sometimes people give caffeine to chicken, which helps to grow quickly.

We all of us know about karma. Your life is your karma. Karma refers to the cause and effect relationship. Karma is an action, whether it is perform by an individual or a group of persons. Every effort you play, whether it is mental, physical, and emotional, there is a bound to be a consequence. If you are going to cry about an effect, then control the action right now.

Moreover, you are taking another life, and you have to make your life by taking someone’s life. Sadhguru also says that eating meat is not suitable for health. watch this video.



Large quantities of alcohol consumption cause cancer, such as head, neck, liver, and breast cancer.


Red meat cooked at high temperatures increases the chances of cancer, such as pancreatic, colorectal, and prostate cancer.


Process meat intake is the type of red meat that has been preserve, such as salting, smoking, and drying.


Packaged foods increase the chances of cancer. However, Food contact material is made of plastic and synthetic which are used in the packing of food products. You must have to aware of that toxic. formaldehyde is used in making food contact material which can increase the chances of breast and prostate cancer.



Junk food is very harmful to your health. It increases the chances of various types of cancer and disease. Sometimes, it may decline your mental health. However, you must have to aware of the pros and cons of eating junk food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:- Does eating chicken causes cancer?

Answer:- Eating chicken is healthy for your health and it also includes a lot of protein which helps you to boost your energy. But if you eat injected chicken regularly then it might increase the chances of diseases. Someone said that everything has its limit if you crossed this limit then it has pros and cons. Implement that example when you eat red and processed meat whatever it is. Eating the worst quality chicken or meat increases the chances of cancer. And you don’t need to eat chicken regularly.

Question 2:- Is eating chicken good for your health?

Answer:- Yes, Consumption of chicken is good for your health and it’s one of the best sources of protein. But before eating that kind of food you must have to be aware of the quality of chicken. The majority of the researchers said before eating remove the fat and skin from chicken to decrease the calories and fat.

Question 3:- Is chicken good for cancer patients?

Answer:- I recommend to every cancer patient to avoid the consumption of chicken as much as they can. If you are taking treatment for cancer please avoid the consumption of chicken because it’s not good for your health. Below I mention some foods that every patient and a person who took treatment of cancer should avoid.

Smoked fish, Deli-prepared salads with egg, ham, chicken, or seafood, and Some types of fish, both raw and cooked, as they may contain high levels of mercury. For more details about which food cancer patients should avoid click the link.

Question 4:- Is it unhealthy to eat chicken daily?

Answer:- Eating that kind of food is good for health and it is also the best source of protein. But if you eat that kind of food especially the worst quality then it might be unhealthy for your health.

Question 5:- What are the side effects of broiler chicken?

Answer:- Nowadays broiler chicken is injected with antibiotics to get high meat production. Consumption of broiler chicken causes a very harmful effect on your health. That particular food may cause obesity,  heart problems, high blood pressure, male fertility problems, and many more. Even broiler chicken contains a very high amount of fat which has a very bad impact on your health.

In conclusion,

Consumption of a little amount of chicken or meat whatever it is might be good for your health because of the high amount of protein. Therefore, you must have to know about the quality of chicken or beef before you buy it.  Researchers doing more research about this topic you don’t need to worry too much about this. 



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