Benefits of yoga

benefits of yoga


Yoga is an association of body, brain, and soul, and it is the ideal chance to have an interest in who you are. It has the power to provide health security at zero costs. Yoga plays a significant role in connecting India with a world and has a high demand across India,

‘But’ now a day people of India are passionate about yoga. It has become part of millions of peoples. It has created a new job in the market. Youngsters choose this as a profession,  ‘because’ there is a massive demand for yoga trainers in India.

Male trainers are known as (YOGIS), and female trainers are known as (YOGINIS). ‘Rigveda’ is the oldest book of human history. This book is 8-10 thousand years old. It is a part of ‘Rigveda’.

 In Middle Ages yoga education is available to only those people who belong to the royal family. In this time it is taught by an experience teacher to those students who passed a test in Gurukul (Gurukul is known as a school). At that time yoga education is not given to ordinary people. Many efforts of spiritual, and religious leaders yoga are taught to common people who live on this planet. Also, read this blog (Lack of sleep could be causing diseases). There are some types of yoga.

  • Gyan yog
  • Raj yog
  • Karma yog
  • Bhakti yog
  • Mantra yog
  • Shiv yog

‘and’ many more. This article explores the meaning of yoga.



It plays an essential role in your life. Every day you have a regular cup of yoga. This helps you to make your body healthy, and fit. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word Yuj, which means to join, and unite. Make yoga as a habit like breakfast you have done in a morning. In addition, it has a thousand posses which is known as kriya’s and exercises. These kriya’s, and practices have a good impact on every part of your body.


Yoga is the key to making your body flexible, and smooth. Discover yourself by discovering yoga. It helps you to transform your body from bottom to high and helps you to create a flexible journey to a better life with peace, joy, love, and opportunity to become a unique, brave, and smart. 


Yoga is like an addiction. Once you are an addict to this, you can’t live without doing it. It has a unique taste. Which makes it different from other taste of life. You must have a passion for yoga, because it may change your life. when you have an addiction to yog it will automatically become your propensity.

                                               BENEFITS OF YOGA

1Yoga helps you to make your body fit, healthy, and, stable. 

2.  It reduces the chances of increasing ailments like cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, and, many more.

3.  Any new exercise that you can do every day makes your body flexible, and enhance the strength of your body.

4.  30 minutes of yoga every day improves your mental health and physical health.

5.  Yoga makes you active for a whole day. 

6.  There are various types of yoga exercise’s each of these exercise’s have different benefits on your part of the body. 

7.  It improves the blood circulation in your body.

8.  It makes your digestive system good and maintains a healthy body. 

9.  Yoga helps to make weight loss if it was doing correctly.

10.  It lowers blood sugar and stress.

                                   INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY 

International yoga day is celebrate on the 21st of June. ‘Because’ on this day prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Damodar Das Modi Ji gives a very impactful speech related to yog on the 27th of September 2014 at United Nations general assembly. United Nations declared this day on 11th December 2014. In addition, 193 members approve international yoga day at the United Nations.

man doing yoga

Prime minister of India Narendra Modi gives impact speech on international yog day. He says to make a yogas a part of your life as a mobile phone is a part of your life and,  he also explains the benefits of yog. Every year prime minister of India celebrates international yog day.

first international yoga day                                                   

1st international yoga day is celebrate in India in 2015 in Delhi. In this event, Narendra Modi Ji performs exercises along with 35,985 participants, Which is a record under Guinness world record. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar founder of the art of living also participates in this event.

second international yoga day

2nd international yoga day is celebrate in 2016 at the capitol complex in Chandigarh. Near about 30,000 peoples join in this event.                                                   
3rd international yog day                                   

3rd international yog day is celebrate in 2017 Ramabhai Ambedkar Sabah Sthal (Lucknow). Narendra Modi Ji performs exercises along with the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath. 51,000 peoples participate in this event.                                           

4 international yoga day

4th international yog day is celebrate in 2018 at Dehradun in Uttarakhand. 55,000 peoples take part in this event.                                                                   

5th international yoga day


5th international yog day is celebrate in 2019 at Prabhat Tara ground Ranchi Jharkhand. 40,000 peoples, BJP leaders, and union minister participate in this event.


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