About Me

BEING HEALTH aim is to inspire people by providing health tips. Our priority is to reduce ailments in India like cancer, diabetes, TB, and many others.
All we know that health is very precious. Without good health, we can’t do anything in this creative world. I recommend to all my loving readers; please take care of your health as much as you can.
All you must remember to relax, because’ we know very well, lack of sleep may lead to fatigue. My blog considers valuable health tips which are very helpful for making good Health. Few tips from our blog.


You must have to become an early bird for making good health. I recommend to all  my loving readers wake up early in the morning. You know morning walk is very beneficial for your body.


You must remember to do relax as much as you can.  Relaxation mind, and body helps you to overgrow towards your work.


you must make eating patterns. I mean to say you have to make a diet plan. In this plan, you have to consider what kind of healthy fruits, and vegetables are right for building good health.


you don’t forget to sleep. Good sleep helps you to make good health. Remember, lack of sleep leads to fatigue. You must have first to give priority to your sleep, and the rest of the work may happen later.


We all know that technology overgrows, But that growing technology also has some pros and cons. You must have to aware of the pros and cons of the latest technology for the primary goal of making a good health.

Umang chugh is the founder of Being health. He is from royal city Patiala Punjab. Umang is passionate to write articles about good health. He is an exam invigilator in IELTS at IDP since 2016 and completed his graduation (B.com) from Multani mal Modi college Patiala.


Communicate with people

I always love to do communicating with good people and have a long talk with them. I love making new friends but only a few friends with whom my friendship goes.

Reading books 

My second hobby is to read novels. I only read those novels from which I have to learn about the life, business, entrepreneurship, financial books, and many more. I have done reading these novels, which I mention below.

  • The secret
  • Chanakya Niti
  • Rich dad and poor dad


This hobby can be found in every new generation kid because today everything is online. I love to use the internet for learning about startups in India, world news, and many more.


I always love to eat food. My favorite dish is to eat rajma (beans) with rice.


Someone said that one day, your goal comes true if you can do hard work with smart work for achieving them. If you don’t have any big dream, then you can’t know what you want from your life. You must have to realize the value of your dreams.

umang chugh

At last, I only say that health is very precious. Please take care of the soundness of your body to live in this fantastic world.